Hello Chicks & honorary Chicks,

I’m Elizabeth Sampson, and well I’m a chick, and I live with a house of honorary Chicks, or boys, welcome to my blog. I’ve never written before so forgive me for the grammatical mistakes. I’ve been told I can “pretty much talk to anyone and about anything”. I think that was to be a compliment, even if it was sort of veiled in sarcasm. I have always had a much harder time writing, since writing is supposed to be more formal. Please read that rolling your eyes as I did typing it :) So here goes, I am so excited to be on this new journey for myself and family! Please join us.

I’m going to start off with a short answer to the question many have asked me recently, “You’re starting a what?” A custom, automated quilting machine service, well that’s the short answer. It has been fun to watch the reactions of our close friends. A head nod and feigning look of interest, I try to explain.

Some girls grow up watching their mothers make cookies, throw elaborate birthday parties, or even spring clean their home. I had the crafty mom. She would sew for hours into the late evening. We would meet with other moms that also enjoyed cutting up fabric into tiny shapes to sew them back together again. I was 12 when I went from helper and watcher to creating my 1st quilt. I still have it! It’s so special, pieced by me, this time mom was my “helper”, and hand-quilted by my grandmother.

Fast forward many years later. I’m married, have 3 teenage sons, volunteer with Boy Scouts and church, and just learned how precious our time here really is. Mom has been nudging me for years to “get back at it” she was referring to quilting. Like many young moms, I really got into scrapbooking, photography, and knitting. I’m still an avid knitter, but when I took a class last fall on a longarm quilting machine, I was hooked!! I immediately went into research mode, aka, learn everything about longarm quilting machines, and opened Chicks Who Quilt. I have the blessing to be working side by side with mom, or Mimi, as my mentor. Together we have teamed up to bring the traditional methods of quilting and technology of longarm quilting automation to the next generation.

If you made it this far thanks, please like and share or whatever you do.

Next week, you get to mom, the talented Judy Dunnigan.